Lego and Porsche:LUXURY experience

Who doesn’t love luxury cars? Power, speed, beauty of lines, technology are just few of the benefits of this kind of cars.

The sad reality is that NOT everybody could afford a real Porsche. But today your dream could become reality. Thanks to LEGO and its new Technic set you could buy a 911 GT3 RS Porsche.

This set is made up of 2.704 pieces and it’s really huge. Scale 1:8 will measure 57 cm length, 25 cm wide and 17 cm high.

wheel detailsLego being Lego, is the most detailed ever. The doors open and close, as does the engine-compartment and front lids. There’s a fully adjustable wing at the rear, and a gear bag in the boot. It’s like a real car. A four-speed version of Porsche’s PDK dual-clutch transmission was created with rubber-band-tensioned paddle shifters and a drive selector with reverse and forward settings. The six-cylinder engine with moving pistons is one of the most realistic pieces of this Porsche. The steering and the wheels work too like a real car.

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In the box you can find a book that will make you discover this particular car, how it was made, how it works, and the components.


If you aim to own a Porsche you have to wait until August for the orange Livrea for an amount of 299,99 Euro.

And now you are ready to be plunged into the luxury world of Porsche with your LEGO car.


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