Iconic Italian lamps – part 2 –

The successful history of the Italian light design from the period after WWII to the end of the century has celebrated the fantasy and the out-of-the-box way of thinking of the Italian designers.
The beginning of the century has been quite hard for the professionals of the sector, because for the first two editions, Italian projects did not meet the favorable opinion of the commission.

foto 13.jpgThings changed in 2008, when Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto are selected for “Mix”, a reading lamp with a flexible body and a flat top. It has a very long-lasting performance (helping to reduce the energetic waste) and its particularity is due to the kind of light generated, which is warmer than the usual LED lamp.

During the 2011 edition, the awards have celebrated 2 projects.foto 14

“Elica” is the result of Brian Sironi researches. It is made up of a metallic body and an aluminum arm, from where the light comes.
For switching on and off the light, it is just needed to turn the arm. The stylistic choice of not adding other elements replies to the desire of conserving the aesthetic harmony of the lamp body.

foto 15Paolo Rizzatto, together with Francisco Gomez Paz, are the creators of “Hope”.
This ceiling lamp is a new interpretation of this kind of lamps, mixing the magic of the traditional ones with contemporary technology and materials.
It is projected for multiplying the light coming from the lamp-bulb for creating a sparkling effect, as the diamond which inspires the name.



foto 16The last edition, in 2014, has rewarded the Italian creativity and efforts of some designers, such as Enzo Berti for its “Bitta”.
It is an external lamp inspired by the nautical bitt, used for winding the mooring ropes, whose shape reminds to a mushroom.
Commission has appreciated the discreet new interpretation of this traditional and symbolic object, with a touch of unusual functionality.

Davide Groppi has won twice: the first time with “Nulla” and the second with “Sampei”.foto 17.jpg

Nulla” is the result of a research for creating the “light without a source”. It consists in a 18 mm hole in the ceiling, a special optical system and the LED technology: these are all the ingredient for the creation of a deep and sensual light effect.

foto 18

Sampei”, in collaboration with Enzo Calabrese, is very tall and thin lamp, able to enlighten the floor or the table, thanks to its flexible body. Commission has selected this lamp for its capacity of being “(…) at the same time, a table lamp and a ceiling one”.


The illumination of the places where people spend time (such as houses, museums, hotels) has become the subject of studies of many designers and architects in the last decades.
Italian creativity and style have been able to surprise critics all around the world for their functionality and simplicity, becoming iconic pieces part of the permanent collections of the most famous museums.
Next appointment with Compasso d’oro is in 2017: which will be the creations aiming to become the future Italian iconic lamps?

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