Bespoke “B” Bed

Had a busy, busy day. Work, kids, traffic, stress… everything is on your shoulders. You search for a place where you can escape everyday life. Your one place, where you can, finally, take a deep breath and relax. This place is just waiting for you in your home. And here is why.


Savoir Beds for a new bed set covered in Alcantara fabric (each for made-to-order) has collaborated with Sacha Walckhoff, the Creative Director for Christian Lacroix, who is known for extravagant haute couture and this design reflects his flair for drama. The artist was  inspired by the 1970s, as well as he drew from how the British company manipulates pocket springs for their line of mattresses and called the new bed set “B” bed. The frame features “pod-like cubby-holes and a headboard” inspired by these pockets, while the entire design is upholstered in blue Alcantara, the same high-tech fabric often used in car, yacht and aircraft interiors.




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