Marni for Nespresso

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Have you ever thought about a new Nespresso coffee machine in collaboration with Marni?

Today i’d like to show you all my idea..

My project consists in the creation of a Co-Branding between Marni and Nespresso. Why?

I chose Marni because is the brand that most of all had great extensions to other fields. The two main event he created were:

  • The Flower Market during the previous edition of Salone del Mobile at Rotonda della Besana in Milan
  • The opening of Marni Flower Cafè at Osaka’s Umeda Hankyu department store, on March the 3rd

According to the first one, Marni organized an Exhibition with a flower market and exhibition stalls, displaying a wide variety of exotic flora-filled bundles and various products sold by the luxury Italian label. Colorful prints typical to the brand identity — illustrated by vibrantly hued geometric elements and organically composed shapes —printed on tissue paper, boxes and bags, thematically linking the event to the traditional Marnis’ language. Marni’s creative director Consuelo Castiglioni said that she had “always been fascinated by flower markets for their vitality and energy, because they smell of the local culture and are colorful and vibrant; not least, because flowers are an essential part of the composite Marni language, whose prints often reproduce phytomorphic motifs”.

While, for the Marni Flower Café the brand served Italian specialties such as focaccia bread and traditional cakes, and carried a range of customized Marni products. For the opening, Marni designed a picnic set, wood lunch boxes, multicolor furoshiki which is

a traditional Japanese foulards used to wrap boxes, as well as thermoses, floral bags, PVC vases and porcelain sets showing some of the label’s archival patterns.

What? As we can notice, flowers are Marnis’ main pattern. What I would like to create is a Nespresso coffee machine with special coffee capsule in a limited edition.

I thought that the perfect coffee machine could be Pixie. Pixie is designed as the SMART model, condensing a wide range of innovative, advanced features in a surprisingly small machine. With the new restyable Pixie Clips machine you can easily change the side panels according to your tastes or the latest design trends. It’s a way of expressing your personality by giving it a new look with a wide range of clip-on-side panels, playing with colors and textures. The panels I thought of will be representing Marnis’ main patterns. The first one will be with geometric figures, which is one of the Brands’ essence; the second one will represent flower and colors, inspired as well by the events that Marni has had in past years.

In addition, I thought about a coffee capsule in a limited edition. Nespresso usually creates 6 different coffee capsule in a limited edition during the year. What I’d like to create is a new edition which takes inspiration from Marnis’main patterns. Infact, the two Marnis’ coffee capsule will be sold in a same pack which contains twenty capsules.

The first typology will be created from the blend of fine roasted Colombian Arabicas, which develops a subtle acidity with typical red fruit and winey notes.

The second one, will be a combination of Arabics with a hint of Robusta from southern India. It’s going to be a full-bodied espresso, with a distinct personality and fruity notes. Coffee capsule will be sold in sleeves of 10.

According to my co-branding, the price at which I’d like to sell the machine is of 169€. The Pixie Nespresso machine has a cost of 139€, so, I decided to rise the cost of 30€ to sell the new Marni edition. Instead, Coffee capsule will be sold at 4,90 € as all Nespressos’ Capsule Limited Edition.

Where? As all the past important Co-Branding, my products will be available both on/off line. I chose this solution to give the chance to everyone to purchase it, considering that Nespresso boutiques are located just in main cities. The distribution will be worldwide and will be available just in Nespressos’ flagships.

Another idea that came up to my mind for my Co-Branding has been the philosophy that both brands share: recycling.

For this reason, in 2012, Marni created a collection inspired by recycling, especially for jewels. The “recycling” theme was suggested through large, flowers-shaped components, crafted out of recycled, bottle plastic (PET), colored and transparent, which created a voluminous garland, strung onto a black, satin ribbon.For Nespresso, instead, aluminium is also an ecological choice for their capsules because it is a metal that can be endlessly recycled. Recycling the metal only requires 5% of the energy needed for its initial extraction. This means that the Nespresso capsule is infinitely recyclable. The coffee grounds themselves can also be reused and transformed into natural fertilizer or ecological fuel for domestic heating. Nespresso has been encouraging recycling for a number of years, with options for capsule drop off in boutiques and recycling collection upon delivery.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a new coffee machine with Marni Patterns? 🙂M_mediaMainSchermata 2016-04-17 alle 19.22.25

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