Chinese wedding picture

Last October the chinise actress Angelababy married the actor Huang Xiaoming.

On her special and luxurious day the chinise icon worn a custom-made Dior dress, which took half year to be created, as well as two more Houte Couture dresses by Elie Saab.

The total amount of the Chinise power couple wedding was about $31 million, nearly on par with the British royal wedding which cost was $34 million.image1

This is not the only example of a “gold wedding” that comes from the discussed China.

Does this trend come from a local tradition with deep roots or is it more kind of new emulation game of the western model?

Let’s consider few figures.

Proportional to their income, chinese couples spend more than western couples on their wedding. According with the China Wedding Industry Development Report, the avarage cost of a chinise wedding is around $12.000. The comparison of this data with the avarage annual wage of the urban population, which is around $8.900 make every possible consideration much more intresting.

What clearly emerge from this comparison is that eventhough, the avarage wage of a medium class chinese couple is not that high, they like to spend a remarkable amount of money on their wedding.

If we jump for a moment in the past we see that the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony was essentially a big dinner party. Now it has been transformed into a hybrid event influenced by many Western elements such as elaborate pre-wedding photo-shot (sometimes taken overseas: Europe, France, US), diamond engagement ring, white dress and expensive, exotic honeymoon.image1 2

Cultural drivers have made this big change possible.

An important issue which has to be considered is the nation’s one child-policy that was abolished just on last January. What we can logically assume is that today many chinise engaged couple are only-child. So there are two sets of parents from either side contributing to a single wedding and four sets of grandparents doing the same. An important family affair.

Another relevant curiosity, which is not that far from what usually happen in the south of Italy, concerns the wedding guest who pay partially for the wedding throughout the Hongbao, kind of a red envelop stuffed with cash.

So there are intrinsic and borrowed traditions which make the Chinese middle class and their brides with deep pockets a profitable target for all those Western luxury bridal brands that want to meet the opportunity linked to the fast evolving Chinese wedding field that seems a market eager to be guided toward a sectorial expansion.


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