On April 19, the Swiss brand celebrated its love for New York through the opening of its Fifth Avenue flagship store.

The boutique, which arises between 57th and 58th streets, near Louis Vuitton, was conceived by Peter Marino, an American architect, who has already worked with the swiss luxury watch brand, but this can be described as the most important collaboration, in fact the flagship is the tallest Hublot’s store in the world (70 feet above street level).

The external façade, lit with LEDs, is made of black aluminium while for the interiors has been used particular materials, as the graphite-coloured leather for the seats, the stainless steel fixtures or the black lava stone and wood floors. The internal part conveys also high-tech innovation, as the “shadow-less” LCD vitrine windows.

Interior Hublot NY

Both exterior and interior design and style follow the identity of the brand reflecting Hublot’s fundamental message, the Art of Fusion.

Peter Marino said about the boutique’s design: “The sculptural movement inherent in the façade is an abstract notion of time and the perpetual mechanism of the watch.”

Before the opening ribbon cutting ceremony, an exciting show was implemented: a duo of acrobatic dancers descended from the rooftop and danced across the façade until they reached the ground.


There, the newest Usain Bolt’s limited edition was presented. Guests were then invited to discover the store and all Hublot’s collection.

Later that evening the brand hosted a large-scale event at the Guggenheim Museum to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of All Black. The Guggenheim’s iconic, white space was transformed into an All Black experience in tribute to this important occasion.






photo credit: http://www.hublot.com/en/



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