Venice, May 2016. Thanks to the Sole 24Ore Business School, my class and I had the opportunity to visit the flagship store of The Merchant of Venice and also the Perfume Museum in Palazzo Mocenigo: they are both amazing!

Going into details The Merchant Of Venice represents the Art of Perfumery of Venice, highlighting the importance of the city  in the perfumery tradition throughout the world and the excellence of made Italy. The brand has a luxury line that offers a wide assortment of exclusive Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette, body care, household products and accessories.



The line is inspired by the “Mude”, the maritime trade routes that covered a large area from Asia to Africa, and on to Europe as far as the Northern Seas. The “Mude” started from Venice and reached many different destinations of other commercial routes. These ports were the exchange centres for materials and products. This system allowed the Republic of Venice to acquire the knowledge and raw materials.

The Perfume Museum is the result of the collaboration between Mavive, the historic Venetian perfume company, and the Fondazione Musei Civici of Venice and it is located in the prestigious Palazzo Mocenigo.
The perfume section has six rooms. It starts with a presentation of the history of cosmetics, and then presents original instruments, historical items, texts, and also an amazing collection of perfume phials and bottles.


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