Sculpt the face (and thoughts) as would the sun: the intent of the season that is bringing the Sun Stripping (the trend makeup measured reproducing the atmosphere of sporty woman tan after a day of training in the open air) to depopulate overseas, with a considerable rise in perfumery resulting from sales of land and blush. And to us that we had debated all winter on the difficulty (shared) of the contouring technique and the strobing what remains? Nothing prohibits to abandon the beauty case and do something to improve our face without too much effort. As summer commands.

Yes, because the pluses of Tontouring is that sculpts the face with the self-tanner for which the time gain is insured and we can count, depending on the products, the most a night time so that it works. In addition the effect is quite natural: the self-tan starts just like a face cream or blush and the feeling is that it is completely no make-up. Or rather, on vacation for a lifetime. That is why the speed of realization (both pre and post application) and the fact that it does not require a constancy of manual skill nor special qualities is truly remarkable. But first things first. The Tontouring technique was invented by Marissa Carter, makeup artist and founder of Cocoa Brown Tan tanning products brand and consists precisely in using the fake tan like a makeup product in all respects. As explained Marissa: “contouring the trend is one of the largest discoveries in recent years but, it is true, that women today have little time to devote to the beauty and contouring requires the time and attention that it is impossible to have any day. That’s why I came up with this idea …. ” Indeed, how many women would pay to wake up every morning with a natural face but cool, bright, smooth and free of imperfections macro? “This technique means just that: need to sculpt once a week and as fast as possible and practical,” he explained Carter to the Daily Mail. But how to apply self-tanner in the most correct and what the best products?


Choosing the right self-tanning product that must first be adapted to face and oil-free . The texture is important because the use mo ‘ makeup ; that’s why Carter invented a self – tan mousse formulation and super fast ( only needs one hour of installation ) : Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Dark , easier to apply and to be fixed on the skin ” .
Are you ready to have a beautiful bright tanned face?

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