Gold-Digger in the kitchen

Through the years particular dishes, food and everything that concerns gastronomy is becoming one of the most important parts of our daily life. Gastronomy actually is considered the “art of the moment”, it is not only something that you taste but also something that you observe and analyse. Eating incredible dishes let you fly through memories and flavours and can transform a simply dinner in a very luxurious moment.

All of these sensations and feelings cannot exist without high hand and particular cookware and food products.  One of the most famouspentole-agnelli-Polsonetto-d-oro Italian producers of culinary instruments is the Agnelli family. This family has nothing to do with
FIAT or Juventus Football Club, but since 1907 Pentole Agnelli is the leader in the production of professional cookware. Starting from aluminium today the offer of Pentole Agnelli Company is composed by a huge range of products, including a gold cookware set. From a technical point of view these instruments cannot be made all in gold, because it is a too malleable and soft metal, but the association with copper is perfect, like all great cooks know, with this combination it is possible to achieve even cooking and precise.

What nowadays make a real dish unforgettable are not only chefs but also the ingredients and instruments that can be used. Of course if the chef is a disaster it is impossible to recover, but as lots of starred chefs say if people use quality products in the raw materials, both as instruments and as food products, the result is certainly better. This gold cookware is part of the great success of dishes because they have the skill to keep intact the properties of ingredients. The ability to conduct heat is in fact the essential requirement to identify the most appropriate tool to the various preparations.


Through those gold pots and pans you don’t only create unforgettable taste and flavours but also make your experience in the kitchen unique, shiny and bright. Remember that in addition to cooking tool is also a beautiful object to take to the table and serve without worrying about serving plates or other. And if someone does not like gold, there is also a silver pot set, with the same proprieties and technical characteristics. For the most fashionistas on the market there is also a cookware set with diamonds, but these last one do not have any benefits if not aesthetics.



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