It’s May… we are so close to the end of our Master and we can barely believe that we met for the first time six months ago.
Ten days before the ending, we spent a couple of days in the beautiful city of Venice.
We have had the priviledge to visit one of the most famous and luxurious hotel worldwide: the Hotel Cipriani on Giudecca Island.

facciata hotel

As soon as we got to the entrance, we met the General Director Giampaolo Ottazzi and the Public Relation Director Laura Di Bert and we were given some details about the activity and the business offer.
The Cipriani Hotel is not open during the whole year but just from March until October, and with its 95 suites in these few months last year it had a turnover of € 33 million.

Lots of celebrities have chosen Cipriani as the destination for their staying in Venice on holiday or for special occasion; George Clooney, as you may already know, has picked this venue for his wedding with Amal Alamuddin on the 27 of September 2014.


An incredible unique place, not just from the outside. Suites are absolutely breath-taking.
The Palladio Suite 100 for istance, overlooking the lagoon, is an unforgettable place to stay for a night or more (for the ones who can afford to spent  8500 € for a night).

What really is special about the Cipriani Hotel is not just all this. The real luxury is given by people who work here, some of them from such a long time: passionate, friendly, smily and more than kind.

Our tour inside the hotel ends in the garden with an amazing view of Venice lagoon with Walter Bolzonella, the Head Bartender at Cipriani.







He is an amazing, cheerful and nice man who started working at Cipriani Hotel at the age of 23 years old, in 1978. He loves his work and talking to people.

If you happen to visit Venice go there and have an appetizer with a real Bellini prepared for you by Walter himself, and you will hear funny and strange moments he has lived with the VIPs at Cipriani like Elizabeth Taylor, just to mention one.

Our journey ends here, with our Bellini at 6 p.m. in a beautiful sunny day at Cipriani Hotel.

As George Clooney would say… What else?!


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