What Happened Carrie?


Sarah Jessica Parker has been Carrie Bradshaw for a decade and more .
When there were not influencing the influencers , telling a Manhattan that was on foot on his heel strictly above 12 centimeters.
So why at the Met Gala 2016 she presented dressed with Monse look privateer with cropped white, cameo , cuffs with exaggerated ruffles take the scepter of worst dressed ?
Considering that this year’s Met Gala gave many unwatchable clothes … . ? The cruelest press, or that more careful , he immediately resumed the episode in which Sarah Jessica Parker / Carrie Bradshaw decides to parade for charity . And the event becomes a nightmare even for one who always dress fashion show style just to have a coffee with her friends.


She , was Carrie ,who do not make a wrong ,and now?

Sarah Jessica Parker has defended itself against criticism claiming that the comparison with the costumes of Hamilton , the Broadway musical where the protagonist wearing exactly the same set of Parker , was wanted “I am very inspired , no one can accuse me of not paying attention to the issue , ” revealed the actress accused of not having understood the theme of the exhibition at the Met Gala 2016 inspired by the future.


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