Spring to Mind

During the last Design week, on the 15th of April, we were walking in via Pontaccio as soon as we entered in Moroso show-room, we were astonished.

“Spring to mind” is a tribute to Ron Arad and his 25 year creative partnership with Moroso. The exhibition’s narrative-installation, curated by Marco Viola Studio, astounded us for its ability to visually represent the emotion of a creative and human bond.

Before the entrance there was a crowded passage full of mirrors that create an illusive and disorienting atmosphere. The first room was totally black and the only source of light came from a full screen wall. In this second space, completely dark, through a particular light effect, our eyes were caught by an amazing composition of red sofas and armchairs. Moroso defines its style and universe as “A colourful world which celebrates difference and diversity, making furniture a physical part of daily life and form of communication and interaction”.


Actually red was the fil rouge of the whole exhibition. Then the path leads to the heart of the exposition, where the new collections were perfectly balanced. The exhibition will go on until May, 14th 2016.


During the design week Moroso presented eight new collections, created in collaboration with some talented designers: Patricia Urquiola, Alfredo Haberli, and Doshi & Levien together with the new designs from the Diesel Living creative team.


Moroso has been working in collaboration with some of the most famous designers of the world to produced luxury sofas and seating since 1952. The second generation of the Moroso family is now heading the company: Roberto as CEO and Patrizia as Art Director.  The company has been always distinguished for its new way of thinking, also during the post-war when in Italy there was a culture of ‘doing things and doing them well’. Moroso has combined since the beginning the art of craftsmanship and tailoring with industrial processing techniques. Moroso products are unique ones and nowadays Moroso give the possibility to its clientele to create customized projects for luxury residential sectors. The combined balance of their 70 master artisans, their network of suppliers, the use of high quality materials and an obsessive attention to detail let the company offer unique products.

Nastasia Flaviani
Chiara Saviotti

Cover: http://www.moroso.it/salone-del-mobile-2016/





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