Impossible to did not notice the explosion of floral and fauna patterns created by Valentino for the Spring 2016.

What is possible that you did not notice is the inspiration that Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli had for this collection.

Do you know the painting “Water Song”?  Do you know Christi Belcourt?

Who is Christi Belcourt?


Belcourt is a Metis visual artist, born in Scarborough, Ontario. The majority of her work explores and celebrates the beauty of the natural world, with a strong spirit of indigenous identity.

In 1993, inspired by the beadwork on a pair of Mukluks Yvonne, Belcourt realised her first painting. “With this first painting I learned two very important things. Number one, I didn’t know enough about plants to be painting them, and number two, I didn’t know enough about beadwork to paint it either”. These two realizations spurred her interest in plants and beadwork.  “Every plant I came across, I looked at it in detail, I spoke to it, I asked it ‘how did you grow like that?’  My love for plants deepened further and further.”

What is “Water Song”?

Water Song is a four metre long work painted in a small dots of colour on a black background. “Is all about the sacredness of water, and our responsibility to the water and the earth.”


What happened?

The Valentino Creative Directors used a range of fabrics for its Belcourt outfits, some solid and some sheer, to realise flowing dresses, jackets and miniskirts. The collection is serious yet playful and undoubtedly glamorous. Magnetic artisan pieces.

Next Step?





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