I would like to eat a Chanel Bag

The Prada bags in food design format:here is the new trend of the season.

After the cake mania design touches to Prada, Chanel, Fendi and Moschino now their most famous bag are becoming want to tear. It happens when the Canadian Division Gallery puts his hands (and taste buds) on the artist Chloe Wise works, genius creates Bread Bags line using pancakes, toast, club sandwiches and buttered muffin but also waffles and bagels.The result is pure fashion-food,a new way to interpret fashion – and its trends – with a rare sagacity.

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But above all it touches the heart of the matter “it -Bag“.

Needless to say: look how the bagel to Philadelphia and salmon fits perfectly with the idea of Chanel shoulder bag, or the buttered toast with version “damier” jams or the Moschino waffle trying as foodiste collections of Jeremy Scott. Flawless Prada: just a toast with cheddar and ham and geometry by “pulse” is made. Are you obsessed with the backpack of Chanel but you think is really too much ? Here is a nice wheat plait with poppy seeds splash and woven shoulder bag.


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