Spring to Mind

During the last Design week, on the 15th of April, we were walking in via Pontaccio as soon as we entered in Moroso show-room, we were astonished.

“Spring to mind” is a tribute to Ron Arad and his 25 year creative partnership with Moroso. The exhibition’s narrative-installation, curated by Marco Viola Studio, astounded us for its ability to visually represent the emotion of a creative and human bond.

Before the entrance there was a crowded passage full of mirrors that create an illusive and disorienting atmosphere. The first room was totally black and the only source of light came from a full screen wall. In this second space, completely dark, through a particular light effect, our eyes were caught by an amazing composition of red sofas and armchairs. Moroso defines its style and universe as “A colourful world which celebrates difference and diversity, making furniture a physical part of daily life and form of communication and interaction”.


Actually red was the fil rouge of the whole exhibition. Then the path leads to the heart of the exposition, where the new collections were perfectly balanced. The exhibition will go on until May, 14th 2016.


During the design week Moroso presented eight new collections, created in collaboration with some talented designers: Patricia Urquiola, Alfredo Haberli, and Doshi & Levien together with the new designs from the Diesel Living creative team.


Moroso has been working in collaboration with some of the most famous designers of the world to produced luxury sofas and seating since 1952. The second generation of the Moroso family is now heading the company: Roberto as CEO and Patrizia as Art Director.  The company has been always distinguished for its new way of thinking, also during the post-war when in Italy there was a culture of ‘doing things and doing them well’. Moroso has combined since the beginning the art of craftsmanship and tailoring with industrial processing techniques. Moroso products are unique ones and nowadays Moroso give the possibility to its clientele to create customized projects for luxury residential sectors. The combined balance of their 70 master artisans, their network of suppliers, the use of high quality materials and an obsessive attention to detail let the company offer unique products.

Nastasia Flaviani
Chiara Saviotti

Cover: http://www.moroso.it/salone-del-mobile-2016/





The Future of Fashion Is 3D

We will be printing high-fashion dresses in our homes- but not for now.

On May 5, the Met Costume Institute’s Spring exhibition will open the doors and visitors will be treated to 90 fashion mise, including many items made with 3D printing, pretty much as the exclusive purview of haute couture, up to now.

But if the technology is adopted by more apparel makers and trickled down to the masses, “it can be as revolutionary as the sewing machine,” said Andrew Bolton, curator of the exhibition. “It means you can 3D print your dress to your exact measurements at home.” “Because it has the ability to mould exactly to your measurements, it’s environmentally friendly, too” Bolton said. “There’s no waste, whereas there’s always waste with textiles.”

By the way, 3D printing is still very much in its early stages.
The capability to make virtually anything is going on. Reality is becoming Virtual Reality.
At the current stage, we should be satisfied to call home-printing dresses “a dream.”




A Gentlement’s Night” took place last April, 11.

Every year, in April, Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone celebrate for one week the Design World. This one-week event is known as the most important international home design exhibition attended by 310,000 visitors, design professionals and enthusiasts.

This is the time during which parties and events proliferate all around and the city of Milan is the most effervescent place-to-be. and you can experience parties, cocktails in shops, private palazzi, yards and dedicated open-house events.

The Sacs Marine event was organized in one of the most interesting area of Milan, i.e. the Parco Sempione area by The Savile Company, made-to-measure products dedicated to the new gentleman.

The event aims to celebrate the partnership between Sacs and Coppoletta Design.

SACS is a Milanese leading company at an international level in the production and marketing of rigid inflatable boats for pleasure cruising.

Coppoletta Design results in a work that reflects the founder’s tattooing heritage, but arrives in new areas within the art and design world and lends itself to a wide range of applications within branding, product design, printed media, and beyond.

Two worlds apparently very different but which meet to creat SBO, that is Sacs Bespoke Operations. A department specialised in one-off planning and creation for demanding shipowners. The first fruit of this collaboration is A unique customization, like a tattoo: tender customization.


The first sample is already on water: a Strider 11 (9.90 m) which can reach 54 knots. It’s a tender owned by The Savile Company.

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Impossible to did not notice the explosion of floral and fauna patterns created by Valentino for the Spring 2016.

What is possible that you did not notice is the inspiration that Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli had for this collection.

Do you know the painting “Water Song”?  Do you know Christi Belcourt?

Who is Christi Belcourt?


Belcourt is a Metis visual artist, born in Scarborough, Ontario. The majority of her work explores and celebrates the beauty of the natural world, with a strong spirit of indigenous identity.

In 1993, inspired by the beadwork on a pair of Mukluks Yvonne, Belcourt realised her first painting. “With this first painting I learned two very important things. Number one, I didn’t know enough about plants to be painting them, and number two, I didn’t know enough about beadwork to paint it either”. These two realizations spurred her interest in plants and beadwork.  “Every plant I came across, I looked at it in detail, I spoke to it, I asked it ‘how did you grow like that?’  My love for plants deepened further and further.”

What is “Water Song”?

Water Song is a four metre long work painted in a small dots of colour on a black background. “Is all about the sacredness of water, and our responsibility to the water and the earth.”


What happened?

The Valentino Creative Directors used a range of fabrics for its Belcourt outfits, some solid and some sheer, to realise flowing dresses, jackets and miniskirts. The collection is serious yet playful and undoubtedly glamorous. Magnetic artisan pieces.

Next Step?


CREDITS: Valentino.com, Christibelcourt.com


I would like to eat a Chanel Bag

The Prada bags in food design format:here is the new trend of the season.

After the cake mania design touches to Prada, Chanel, Fendi and Moschino now their most famous bag are becoming want to tear. It happens when the Canadian Division Gallery puts his hands (and taste buds) on the artist Chloe Wise works, genius creates Bread Bags line using pancakes, toast, club sandwiches and buttered muffin but also waffles and bagels.The result is pure fashion-food,a new way to interpret fashion – and its trends – with a rare sagacity.

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But above all it touches the heart of the matter “it -Bag“.

Needless to say: look how the bagel to Philadelphia and salmon fits perfectly with the idea of Chanel shoulder bag, or the buttered toast with version “damier” jams or the Moschino waffle trying as foodiste collections of Jeremy Scott. Flawless Prada: just a toast with cheddar and ham and geometry by “pulse” is made. Are you obsessed with the backpack of Chanel but you think is really too much ? Here is a nice wheat plait with poppy seeds splash and woven shoulder bag.


Fashion meet Design in an exclusive event

Under the Milanese rain of the last Female Fashion Week, the worlds of fashion and design meet another time each other to create another explosion of creativity.

That was the time of N°21# and Kartell brands that the 16th of Feb. presented their last creation at 10CorsoComo.


A dominant glossy bow and a strong opaque sole define Knot, the sandal designed by the pencil of Alessandro dell’Acqua and produced with the plastic techniques of Kartell. Black, pale pink, mustard, cachi and bordeaux are the colour presented at Franca Sozzani’s house during the dedicated event attended also by the designer of N°21# and the owner of Kartell C.Luti.

The Knot launch party has been hosted in the captivating frame of 10Corsocomo with a very Italian cocktail-moment accompanied by an elegant background music.

Design, Creativity and Made in Italy lifestyle triumphed in an exclusive night visited by many influent bloggers, fashionistas and celebrities.



Le Club 55, Une Legende

St. Tropez’s first beach club still has its groove

St Tropez, to have a delicious lunch on the beach.

Since 1955, the Club 55 (Cinquante-Cinq, hence the name), has been the mecca of the rich and famous. For over 50 years, almost every famous person lunched at this restaurant or hanged out by its bar.

Bridget Bardot said it was her favorite, thus creating one of the first beach clubs along Pampelonne Beach with a sexy scene of sunning celebrities and gourmet cuisine that’s hotter than ever after 50-years.

Schermata 2016-04-02 alle 19.14.25


Simplicity and authenticity. This spot is quite separate from the rest of Pamplona beach and has had its own philosophy since its creation in 1955: “The customer is not king here … because he is a friend”.

Le Club 55 has an unforgettable atmosphere. Skirting the Mediterranean shores, beside St Tropez, its location was destined for success.

Here, the guests is welcomed as a friend, casually, without any snobbery as it often can happen at some of its neighbouring establishments. And that is perhaps why everyone loves it so much. Over the years it became an institution that keeps its promises.

The menu is all in French, so it is wise to either learn some food words ahead (there is a menu, that never changes, and daily specials) or ask the staff, which is very helpful.

The fish is fresh and often great for sharing.


In particular the Strawberry tart is heavenly and quite light for a cake, making it a perfect treat, before you strip into your bikini or Vilebrequin shorts.





Credits by http://www.club55.fr and Me