The wave bag

For the upcoming SS Season 2016 Tod’s launched the new and modern Wave Bag, the perfect mix “characterized by excellent craftsmanship and luxury materials in different sizes, models” and what better way to celebrate it, than an all-female advertisement campaign? 

In order to communicate the versatility both in usage and in style of this future icon item, “the Italian apparel and accessories house is highlighting the “special attitude” of its Wave Bag in a personality-driven campaign featuring modern creative talents.”

“Wave Attitude”
is the title of the video where the main character is the Tod’s Band, a posse of 15 females from the music, art, fashion and film worlds, all of whom come to the brand with their own perspectives on style, modeling the handbag in their own way.                       This is not the first time that Tod’s uses this special and involving format to promote and impress customers throughout influencers and ambassadors who represent and embody totally both the personality of the item and the values of the Brand. It’s a very particolar communication tool, with the strong competitive advantage to build a solid relation between the brand and the users,  attract customers attention being able to establish a long term relationship since it will be a movie divided in episodes; the perfect storytelling. 

A soft and smooth shape that reminds the fluid water-sea motion, an overwhelming wave as the name suggests.  The Wave Bag is ingeniously designed and thought to avoid rigidity for independent women.

A Must Have! 



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