In Brooklyn and its surrounding areas ther are too many ghosts with popular mesh from Gucci logos. Funny ghost name GucciGhosts are everywhere: on the walls, asphalt, garbage cans and T-shirts — their authour is Trouble Andrew.
When creative director of Gucci Alessandro Michele first seen the «GucciGhosts», he did not sue the artist for the use of the logo belonging to the fashionable House, but instead invited the artist to the Gucci team.

gucci-ghost01-822x548Alessandro Michele and Trevor Andrew in Andrew’s temporary studio at the Gucci headquarters in Milan.

A successful snowboarder in the past, and the musician and street artist at present Trevor Andrew in the early 2000s played at the Olympics for Canada, and after the injury he moved to Brooklyn, where now draws graffiti.

While still a teenager, Trevor bought a Gucci watch, which became for him much more than just an accessory. First, the athlete began to paint iconography of the brand on snowboards and skateboards, denim and leather jackets, vintage items, decorative objects, and then completely went out on the streets with the slogan «Life Is Gucci» and with GucciGhost.

This extraordinary creative union has already given us an unusual images and new must-have pieces. GucciGhost is a new trend from the streets.

gucci-ghost-collaboration-fall-2016    gucci-ghost-collaboration-fall-20161    gucci-ghost-collaboration-fall-20162

Gucci Ghost Fall 2016

To know more about GucciGhost and its creator you can visit the official site of Trevor Andrew.

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