Geek-chic by Gucci: SS 2016

Thanks to Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele sunglasses are now wears by everybody.

The Best International Designer 2015 (according to the British fashion council) Alessandro Michele showed on the catwalk Spring-Summer 2016 models in the huge square glasses.

a2x0459   a2x0230   a2x1140  a2x0185

Girls look like a students in glasses, berets, wool stockings, jackets and long pleated skirts. And at the same time incredibly glamorous, because the skirts were sewn from chiffon and lame, coats and jackets from brocade and the frames covered with rhinestones, sequins or decorated with flowers.


Eyeglasses are no longer associated with the business style. On the contrary, they become a full part of the playful, romantic and sexual image.

a2x0372   a2x0904

The main thing to remember, wearing glasses, is that make-up is required. After all, they do not turn a blind eye, but on the contrary, put them in a spectacular frame, making the center of attention. Moreover depending on the make-up, glasses fit perfectly in any outfit and look.

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