Santa Maria Novella: Specialties

The Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is something truly remarkable to visit in Florence. It’s one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe, linked to the order of Dominican friars and some ancient Florentine families: Acciaiuoli, Valori, Medici themselves.
Besides its unique fragrances and skin care products Santa Maria Novella also provides a wide variety of specialty food, liqueurs, teas, honey and chocolates. All products of the company are manufactured and packaged in the factory’s herbal department.


Noteworthy to mention  Santa Maria Novella repeat the traditional scientific rigor the Dominican friars followed over the centuries, while retracing the Santa Maria Novella’s history with herbs.

The variety of liquores includes such flavors as Cappuccino Liquore, Elisir di Rose, Elisir di China, Elisir Stomatico, Elisir di Edimburgo, Liquore al Cioccolato, Liquore Mediceo and Liquirizia di Santa Maria.

Tea has always been about ritual and the sense of well-being that accompanies it, and this luxury is what Santa Maria Novella strives to provide.When it comes to teas collection, Officina preserves the high quality of herbals in the wide range of  assortments. Among them are some infusions, or tisanes, which use natural, fresh ingredients to create flavoursome sensations.

img_5791More than just a tea supplier, Santa Maria Novella brings knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the table. Most importantly, their standards are as high as ever – which guarantee that every cup of Santa Maria Novella tea served will exceed its customers’ expectations.

Tea always makes a welcome and appropriate gift, and Santa Maria Novella specializes in creating beautiful gifts for every need. For pure luxury, Santa Maria Novella goes beyond tea itself and presents the accouterments among which cookies, fruit jellies and licorice tablets that make the Italian tea drinking ritual unique. At the same time Santa Maria Novella offers its customer organic and made in Italy honeys depending on the availability the season offers.

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