How to memorise the latest fashion designs displayed on the event of the year, the Milan Fashion Week, better than with artists having the sense of creativity running in their blood?





Nowadays it’s not unusual to find some fashion illustrators next to celebrities and press executives. Maybe you won’t recognise them directly, but lately seeing a pen and some paper will identify them for sure.

They support designers and brands turning the best styles from the show into artworks. These can be frame recent promotions or just being held as a colourful inspiration for upcoming ideas and collections. Its creativity on stage.

So as well, SHOW studio displays as being the award-winning fashion website for young artists , famous fashion illustrator Blair Breitenstein with their interpretation of the key looks from A/W 16 MILAN runways.


“… fashion illustration leaves room for a viewer to interpret the clothing and use their imagination a little bit.

It gives you a chance to see clothing in a different context.” 

(Blair Breitenstein aka @blairz)


Breitenstein’s clients shows a huge range of key influencers as f.e. Prada, Harper’s Bazaar and Saks Fifth Avenue. She uses water colours, oil and acrylic pens to create a unique style forming luxury collections into a special artwork. She gives modern designs a vintage character of the 60s and 70s.






But why are these drawings still important and can influence todays luxury fashion world?

The answer is simpel:

Art is uniqueness. 

Connecting to my articles What does Luxury mean? and Art vs. LuxuryBlair Breitenstein and her latest project can be shown as the best example.

With the headline ‘Fashion-savants are hungry for more!’ the illustrator created with MCM an exclusive art of customisation. The brand organised an event where Breitenstein gave her signature and expressionistic style onto the facades of guest’s purchases.

It’s the proof that not just arts from the past centuries as f.e. the Renaissance can be used to reinvent and inspire modern fashion.

Art does show presence in this times luxury, and it gives hope while having such a big influence of digital aside that three words will stay as a vision for the future:




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