A journey through the real italian craftsmanship


Florence – In the cradle of beauty there are still artisans that preserve the traditions of Florentine Tailoring.

For nearly a century Liverano & Liverano tailors suits respecting the ancient methods from the fabric cutting, passing from the hand sewing to the manual ironing.

Each gestures under the relentless eye of Mr. Antonio Liverano, who after 70 years, is still actively managing the atelier following his clients from New York to Tokyo.

antonio liverano

Mr. Liverano at work 

Liverano & Liverano is the last Tuscan tailor shop that shields the classic Florentine jacket, a model characterized by the unique sewing on  the side and the absence of padding on the shoulders.

As explained by Vittorio Salino, one of the hands of Liverano’s atelier, the Florentine jacket model achieve resounding success especially among young professionals and tailoring lovers.

Mainly from America and Southeast Asia, the Liverano’s clients have to wait more than one year to wear their artwork, fitting for 3 times their suits during dedicated trunk shows.

More than 100 handmade working hours and the use of precious fabrics validate the 5000 € average cost for a suit that is created only with scissor, yarn and needle. A timeless piece of art that can be inherited from father to son with the possibility to take in and enlarge it of ten size without losing the allure of the piece.

Despite this not affordable price, last year the tailor shop produced nearly 600 pieces mainly for foreign lovers of italian tailor craftsmanship.

“The tailor is like a doctor, follows the client during all his life, sharing a life journey from the first to the last item of his wardrobe… A relation based on the precious advices of the artisan and the innate passion of the client passed on among generations.”


Alessandro Aldeghi & Alberto Magni


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