It’s pretty clear that a new era began for Gucci.
Alessandro Michele, the new Creative Director since January 2015, has broken out like a dark horse in the fashion race, changing radically the concept in the stores, the approach with customers and the image of the Brand.
I had this feeling in first person, entering in the Florence flagship store; the decor, the environment and the atmosphere reflect an innovative, color, wonderful, eclectic, printed and textural approach to design

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The link with the heritage and the values of the brand were evident both in the items and in the furniture of the store, it seemed there was an imaginary connection between the museum and it, the theme of the travel were present with some chests used as table to show some colorful kerchief, as well as the iconic bamboo bag and what impressed me the most; the costant and very romantic rose herbaceous pattern, repeated on scarves and kerchief, on bags and shirts, on accessories and mannequins.

“A symbol of a delicate and poetic imagination… Flora is an icon of continuity from the precious historical archives, which revives every season with its evocative and timeless graphic power. An image inspired by fairy- tales and real life, which continues to be reinvented with passion in a myriad of variations.”

A new, fresh and romantic breeze has embraced and wrap up the Florentine Fashion House. Attention to details and impress should be the new motto for Gucci; the clients have a fascinating experience in the store, it seems to entering in a magic and colorful world, very romantic and dreamy.
The brand has also improved the customer in-store experience enhancing visitors’ position, giving the guest a specific role: he/she has to feel in his/her personal walk-in closet. Each detail of the merchandise disposition (items are not organized with a chromatic order, but a shirt could be matched to a pants or a skirt based on the visuals taste) and the materials used are very important in creating the perfect atmosphere that makes you comfortable.





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