Valigeria Guccio Gucci, where everything began

“Gucci is as Florentine as Johnnie Walker is Scotch, and there’s not much that anybody can teach a Florentine about merchandising or craftsmanship. We Guccis have been merchants since around 1410. When you say Guccis, you are not thinking of Macy’s.” Aldo Gucci

Today, is impossible to do not feel the radical changes that Alessandro Michele is making, being faithful to the original Gucci but following the actual trends. Everyone is in love with his creations, but do they know how the house of Gucci was born?

Everything started one Sunday in 1921, when Guccio Gucci, during a walk with his wife Aida, noticed a small shop for rent in Via della Vigna Nuova street, in Florence. Soon that space became “Valigeria Guccio Gucci” (later Azienda Individuale Guccio Gucci).

Guccio selected sturdy, well-made bags and luggage at a reasonable price. He after opened a small workshop behind the store where he could make his own leather goods.


Soon also his five children began to work in the family business, except Ugo (son of Aida) who showed little interest.

The Gucci business straggled during the years economic problems: once, in a closed-door meeting  with his family and employees, Guccio told them he was going to be forced to close his shop, unless a miracle happens. And that miracle was Giovanni Vitali, his son in law, who had some savings apart.

In 1923, the founder expanded the workshop including a team of leatherworker. They start producing fine bags of delicate kidskin and chamois and telescope purses with gussets on the sides.


In 1947, his son Aldo created a bag, 92027, the iconic bamboo bag. The bamboo was introduced under the prewar trade embargo and the shape of the bag was inspired by the side of a saddle.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 18.29.54

In 1953 they inaugurated the store in New York, and only 15 days later at the age of seventy-two died of heart attack.

After this episode, another long story began..



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