There are many definitions of Luxury. According to Oxford dictionaries: Luxury is the state of great comfort and extravagant living. Merriam-webster dictionary says that Luxury is: a condition or situation of great comfort, ease, and wealth, something that is expensive and not necessary, something that is helpful or welcome and that is not usually or always available.

When we talk about Luxury, most of us seem to sparkle of diamonds, luxury apartments, cars, restaurants, events, something rare and expensive, not available to many. But the main thing when we talk about Luxury is quality and comfort. Quality and comfort are the two basic components of Luxury.

On the other hand Luxury is also a state of mind and a feeling experience. The Luxury experience is something more than just to own a luxury goods. There is a joy to make an experience which nobody did before. There are many simple things which you can have without cost and can provide you into a luxurious way of thinking. Luxurious way of thinking means the way how we interpreters the world and the things around us. What kind of experience we are creating everyday to feel more luxurious? What kind of possibilities we are looking for creating this experience? What make us different to others when we start to feel more luxurious?

Personally for me Luxury it’s not only the price, quality and ease, Luxury is something that allows me to be myself in spite of the foundations and rules. This is something that I can not afford to do every day, which is rare. For me, it’s the time I can spend with my close people and the freedom to say what I really think.

At such moments is born the need for special things, whether it’s an expensive watch that you give your loved one or a bag for your mother. Things are no longer just a things, they acquire a new meaning, in which you put your own feelings, history and recognition. Things can live eternal life and give memories and emotions – that’s what we pay. Some would say that we buy quality and comfort and a piece of history of the brand. But I think that we are buying the ability to write our own history, without spending precious time creating things.

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