The new trend is … we do not have any trend.

Fashion weeks around the world has just finished, the designers have launched the new collections, the bloggers have traveled the world, fashionistas have had their opportunity to use the most extreme,extravagant and not typical dress of their wardrobe and Kendall and Gigi are still the super favorites to ride the runway.

And what about us?After the fashion week ,we can start to buy something to enrich our wardrobe, following the new trend.

This year, however, we can not go in search of something that is essential to makes you trendy, as there isn’t a real trend.

With the latest collections we have fully experienced the rupture with classic tailoring values, as we so on the runway the designers have used hi-tech inserts, multicolorrainbowtullestripedsilver and so on and so forth.

Certainly there is a break up with the Kardashian style that in this latest period represents us, no longer latex dresses clothing or mono color: white, powder pink or black, but a lot of color and experimentation, rainbow dressed in the morning and in evening in silver like our heroes of Star Wars.

Finally, everyone can be what he wants, having the  freedom to experiment.

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