The anti-social show

In the digital era the fashion industry is shaping around new forms of mass communication and this is leading both to a new revival of the image culture and a redefinition of times and ways of communication.

Every fashion show is immediately posted on social networks by guests or directly by brands themselves. In fact many brands, through Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook Live, can broadcast live everything happening in their shows, even the behind the scenes.

But there is someone who doesn’t agree with this trend. He is Massimo Giorgetti, creative director of MSGM.

During the last Milan Fashion Week he left a black cardboard with a request for his guests:

Put back your phone and enjoy the show. 

His aim is to not spread the images of the new collection until they will be available on shop.


The motivation behind this strong gesture is the belief that all the images posted create confusion in the mind of customers.

“No prejudice regard socials. Consumers are now disoriented and with this initiative we would like him to discover the collection when it’s time to buy it in the store”. These the words of  the italian creative director.

The show has registered one of the lowest engagement rate of the MFW, with a total amount of 3.800 interaction.

Giorgetti has been smart and brave to challenge a developing system, in which people are searching for fashion shows’ products immediately after it, making costumers discovering his product directly in the stores, as in the past.

And you, what do you think about it? Right or risky choice?






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