My team and I have been working a lot on our project about Fausto Puglisi. We asked the Business School of Sole 24 Ore to help us finding four tickets to attend the stylist’s show. The Show held this February during the Milano Fashion Week and the School has been able to provide us with a ticket. Only one of us had the possibility to see the show, while the three of us had fun outside interviewing people.


Wednesday 02-24-2016 after lesson we headed to Palazzo Del Senato in Via del Senato, Milan. We took the red subway to San Babila and the fun began. For the first time I jumped in another world: there were models walking all around the major streets in Milan, photographers concentrated and focused on stealing the best picture of the shows, bloggers talking to everybody and taking stylish photos and there was me. I felt so lost in this colorful Milan but at the same time I was so fascinated. There was something different from the typical grey and frenetic Milanese life. There was something more. It was a carnival of bright color dresses, smiling people and fresh international air. People from all over the world were attending one of the most relevant fashion event of the year: the Milano Fashion Week.

Outside Palazzo del Senato there were hundreds of people. They were trembling in queue to see Fausto Puglisi Fashion Show. And I was there too. My team and I were really part of this system. We started interviewing people asking the brand awareness and the brand reputation, talking about Milan and fashion, discussing brand image and trying to get information for the show. There were so many kind people, really willing to help us, enthusiastic people waiting to see the new collection and other brands’ models showing their amazing outfits.


During Milano Fashion Week we can breathe fresh new air. There’s a new excited atmosphere. It’s the time of the year where you can express your style and your personality, meet new amazing people, find something you love, take amazing picture, walking around the city in this party atmosphere, get inspired by what you see and learn something new.

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