di Iside Pellegrino

Milan-  Fashion Week 2016.

After 28 years from the first fashion show in Beijing, Laura Biagiotti created for the Fashion Week 2016 in Milan a New Fall/Winter  Collection as a tribute to the culture and the style of one of the most important international market : China.

In 1993, she received the Marco Polo award in Beijing for having brought Italian industry to China.


In the F/W 2016 collection , she combined in a contemporary way the Chinese tradition and Italian style in the new worldwilde prospective, creating coats and silk skirts made with patchworks of typical Chinese decorations.

laura biagiotti 2

In the first five months of 2015, according to data by Sistema Moda Italy ( SMI ) , italian export grew by 30.4 % to almost 100 million euro , making China the tenth market for women’s clothing made ​​in Italy . So Luxury company and Fashion in general are looking to East, where the market is growing strong and fast and that is the reason why the Giant of Fashion are creating ad hoc collection and advertising campaigns for that specific area.

Laura Biagiotti has been again a great example on how to combine different cultures in luxury field. Wearing her collection means making a Trip to the other side of the world through material and design that break the boundries of imagination!


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