Federico Sangalli Fashion Show

During the last Milan Fashion Week, I would witness the presentation of the new Federico Sangalli collection.

The fashion designer Federico Sangalli has created a new idea of trend with ancient taste: With the SANGALLI – Haute Couture – Factory of Dreams, he keep on the family tradition of unique dresses tailoring: evening dresses, ceremony, wedding and the “every special day” dresses; He looks for precious materials , for the luxury made to measure… the real luxury made in Italy.

The show/runway’s location was the Teatro Arsenale: in a space between ancientness and contemporaneity, you were taken to a far world, in a modern key.

On Tuesday, February 23, He presented the Light My Night collection, clothes and accessories created with a special fabric created by the combination of silk and fiber optics . A new path from emery cloth fiber optic lights create a delicate stardust effect.

The designer has recreated the atmosphere of the deep sea through a sound and light that recall the depths of the oceans play. The protagonists of his creations, shaped bags of shell and luminous transparency for the second show of the Light My Night collection that uses a fabric that glows gracefully with an effect between the bioluminescence and star dust.


A dancer, dressed in a light, introduced the show and announced the prologue. A truly impressive display in which the wow effect was assured.

But the question in my mind was: How they are made this unnatural effect of the collection? The light was created from the optical fiber coated by the silk. The optical fiber wires was switched on with a battery charger with USB output for charging. Unbelievable! Thanks to this innovative fabric garments and accessories are illuminated with its own light creating unique effect each.

I’m really impressed by this show and by originality. I’ve seen something “wow”, creative and unique. This learnt me that we can and must dare and innovate constantly.


Photo credits: Federico Sangalli

Video credits: Me 



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