Would you believe it to go back in the 30’s just entering in a small local here in Milan?

And would you believe that it’s a secret bar?

It’s the 1930, an exclusive secret club inspired to the years of american prohibition. The place born in an anonymous Chinese bar in a tiny street.

How to enter and experience it?

To go you have to win the approval of the owners of “Mag Cafè”, the creators. Only after it, you can receive the pass with which you can book your early century experience.



As soon as you cross the threshold, you are welcomed by a unique atmosphere: a soft light highlights luxurious wooden furniture. A grand piano and a selection of strong liquor bottles make the ambience more vintage.


The second main element for this belle époque styled club are, obviously, cocktails.


Drinks are mixed to perfection by ingenious bartenders always searching for new mixture.

The uniqueness of their drink lies in stories. Every cocktail has an history, they are based on bartender’s lives and on their emotions.

For this reason the menu changes every four months and, at each reprint, it contains a new novel written ad hoc, with characters inspiered by cocktails.

If you want to escape from the chaotic Milan and shelter on a comfortable armchair drinking a good Old Fashioned  this is the right place, provided that you have the approval.

So… Can you keep a secret?



Sources: http://www.milanofree.it/milano/locali/1930_il_misterioso_secret_bar_milanese_un_tuffo_nella_belle_epoque.html


“Whisky & Cocktail”, un tuffo nel 1930 (intervista doppia)

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