A quick trip through shops could be the next source of inspiration during the incoming Milan Fashion Week. How can a brand impress people?

Window displays are like billboards for a store. They can be “the make or break factor“ in whether a customer enters in your shop or walks on, a sort of a front row seat for the viewer.

Aroud the world there are a lot of place where windows are unique and amazing just putting few things: a good designer eye, clothes, shoes, games and even food combined to create a stunning window display.


Producing a window that draws thousands of visitors is not a magic. There might be tricks that were applied to make it happen but it passes through a process. It started with research, brainstorming, sketching, making a layout and applying the basics of design in able to deliver the right message that you want your viewers to understand.

With a rich imaginative work, the authors interweaves fragments of history with contemporary illustration, colouring and using items made in 3D to stun people, in that way people are involved to go into shops and admire the new collection.

Brands can tell stories that sometimes they can’t convey in advertising or in-store experiences, they can express their heritage, the aim of the brand and also for sure the presentation of the collections in a different way, a sort of fairy tail only with images and items.

When we talk about “Art”, we deal more with aesthetics and the viewer’s personal interpretation of the subject, but when we talk about “Design”, we deal more with the single right message that can be understood by different type of people. In window display, we are trying to blend “Art” and “Design”. We want to show a spectacular snapshot with a unforgettable message.

Their target is to deliver the same message to different kind of people. They expect that everyone who looks at their window will get the message that they want you to perceive.

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