It is the word, which is nowadays everywhere – LIFESTYLE.

But what does it mean so far?  Why is it so important for todays brands? It’s the combination of two words: LIFE and STYLE.

LIFE – How to find a definition for a word which has an overall meaning to the existence?But for sure, it includes everybody and everything – it is everywhere. It’s about people and the environment, the consistence of the human being.

STYLE – A business dictionary says: ‘Characteristics or elements combined and expressed in a particular (often unique) and consistent manner.’ ( Based on this definition, style could be described as the expression of individual characteristics of living, the HOW – how to define yourself in this world, to people, to your environment and to express life preferences.

If you extract three words as ingredients for lifestyle it could be:

people, environment and individuality. 

To me as being a manager, to link your brand to a lifestyle is about defining the preferred one of your customers. It’s about the trends out there – what do they like and prefer NOW and what are they going to fancy SOON. If its about planning, you have to be a visionary, having the foresight and creativity to see the future.

For me, the biggest skill is to become a VISIONARY, to be open to this world, to people to your environment and to every individual. Its about realising the different sense in context to the daily life. It’s about the inspiration, which is everywhere – to see and recognise individuals emotions and feelings, attitudes and behaviour to extract the emotional information you need to guide and form your brand. It’s the field of emotional intelligence, which is to me the most interesting and fascinating point in life – the understanding of people.

Being a luxury manager is to me about the ability to become a visionary in understanding the people now and in the future – these are the key factors of creating the perfect LIFE STYLE to your brand. 


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