The MICAM is the leading international footwear fair, held twice a year in Milan. The exhibition is a unique occasion to see a wide range of goods made with quality, design and innovation, a way to combine business, glamour and communication.
The fair occupies an exhibition area of  64,000 square metres and plays host to around 1,600 companies both Italian and foreigners. Together they represent over 30 different countries (especially Spain, France, Germany and Russia).
Given the attendance figures of around 60,000 visitors per year, theMICAM confirms its role as a privileged showcase for promoting new collections.

Trends presented during the last edition of the MICAM showed complementary and extreme outfits, that creat strange mixes: from baroque to futuristic lines, from high-tech materials to natural ones. There are no boundaries to creativity.



The last MICAM fair (14-17 February) has just finished with a positive result: 32.703 visitors, with an increment of 1,8% comparing to the last edition.

Curiosity: a Chinese man has been surprised walking near the stands filming shoes. He had the photo camera in his hand hidden by a scarf and he tried to film Italian best shoes to reveal their secrets and copy them in his home country. Fortunately,  someone noticed everything and obliged the man to leave theMICAM exhibition.

After the positive results of the fair we are just waiting for the next edition, that is going to be in Septempber 3rd and 6th, hoping that it


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