Year after year the world of luxury is opening its door also to a less rich group of customers setting the base for a “democratising” process of the dream experience.

Analysing the trends, emerges how following the steps of the luxury fashion industry, also hotellerie and food service are moving towards particular forms of brand extension. In the two Luxury Fields in which “Experience” is the keyword, managers understood how let experiment a piece of the “dream” to a wider portion of customers.

While Luxury Hotels invest in Cocktail-bar on killer view rooftops turning it from an accessory hotel customers service into a real business, famous chefs start to open innovative “laboratory-restaurants” with simple interiors, young apprentices and affordable prices.

In the Milano landscape, brilliant examples of this trend are the high school laboratory restaurant launched by the Michelin Chef Niko Romito “Spazio Milano” and the industrial concept restaurant opened by Carlo Cracco “Carlo E Camilla in Segheria”.



Viale Tunisia, 13, Milano

From the Experience and the taste of his 3 Michelen Star Ristorante Reale, Niko Romito launched a new gastronomy concept for the most talented chefs of his school. A space that break-down traditional hierarchy destroying rigid rules and barriers between Chefs and Customers.




Segheria Via G. Meda 24, Milano

Hosted in an industrial open space with communal central tables and a particular mise en place. Carlo Cracco lead his team of young talented chef in a gastrot-bistrot that is the fusion of simple raw material wonderful tastes, design and conviviality.

The restaurant offer also a cocktail-service and an Aperitivo option before dinner.




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