Maserati first SUV!

On the 20th of February Maserati announced through official pictures the external body of the new vehicle of their product line. It won’t be particularly in line with the existing range of saloon and sports cars of Maserati, such as Quattroporte, Ghibli, GranTurismo and GranCabrio, that everybody is expecting to see. This is a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), similar to Kubang, a car concept that was already presented by the company in the 2011 but never produced. At that time this notice shocked all the Maserati lovers that started to wait for this epic moment to come. Five years later Maserati Levante is here!



After more than 100 years Maserati develops its offer, adding to the luxury collection its first SUV, Levante. This new concept of Maserati is going to be an important and big step into the future for the modenese company and this launch represent a very significant moment in the history of Maserati. Lines and design embodied Maserati values and origins. Levante is created to guaranteed and combine the outstanding on-road performances, typical for every Maserati, with the amazing handling also on low-slip superficies with comfort and high performances off-road. Physical aspects as the aggressive front, the tridents on the side and the emblematic three air vents on the front wings are inevitable and are the signature of the astonishing Italian design. The Levante is provided with both diesel and petrol engines that are all Euro6-compliant.

Maserati Levante building and assembly are all Made in Italy in Turin at the Mirafiori plant, where the first cars have already came off the assembly line. On the 1st of March Maserati will unveil this amazing project at the Genève Motor Show and it is going to be sold in spring for European countries, and then all around the globe.




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