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Photography is not just a scientific tool; it’s a kind of art that allows you to create durable images. It’s a way to stop the world for a few seconds and make an instant unforgettable. What people really want is to remember, grab every second of their lives and make it last forever. That’s why photography gets so much attention today.  We can say that there are two main trends that lead the photography world: Luxury Photography and Street Photography.

Thanks to the smartphone era and the selfies trend, photographers got hard times. Photography is today one of the hardest and worst types of businesses if you’re looking to make money. Time has changed and everybody is able to take pictures, cut them, edit them and print them. You just can’t survive doing what you’re passionate about anymore.

That’s why a lot of famous photographers choose Luxury sector. This is not a market just for wealthy people but for people who value service and quality. You provide them a service, an expensive but high quality service. The customers expect perfection, unicity, creativity but most of all feelings and emotions. Luxury photography supports luxury brands for amazing and touching advertising, promising experience to the customers. Automotive, Jewelry and Travels are the main field where photography gets to a higher point and gives her best.

NORI Luxury still life Photography – Portfolio

The other growing trend is Street Photography the one that creates real trends. This kind of photography portrays everyday life situations, normal people living their lives with their style, passion and personality. Cool hunters and Trend Setters love to take inspiration from street photography, matching different styles and personalities. There’s something unique in this art that allows the photographer to live the reality, tell people’s stories, see real places. It helps to be less superficial and get deeper into things.

Street Photography

Photography has changed its position and role during years becoming something more than a simple representation of reality; it’s about how we feel in front of reality. It’s a story we want to tell, the reality we face, the dream we want to sell.

“In a certain way telling a story for me is a sort of spiritual travel where you are youself, you grow, you learn something and you reach the next level” Tim Burton

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