Innovation, tradition and design: what are we talMB-photo-Obsession-with-an-Icon-MBFWB-2016-model-945x679.jpgking about?

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has become a fixture in the international fashion calendar, giving new talents the big and unique opportunity to show their collection on important catwalks to a global audience.

Mercedes-Benz, that has been an official partner of fashion week events all over the world for more then twenty years, proudly presented its 18th Fashion Week last January, that provides a great platform of industry opportunities and relationships for the new generation of emerging designers.

mercedes-benz_fashion_week_istanbul_aw15_notjustalabel_1963333245Even though it is held twice a year, in March and October, like the most known fashion weeks in the world, the MBFW is not held neither in Paris, or Milan, or London but in potential future fashion capitals, in those countries with an high
GDP, an insignificant unemployment rate and last but not least an high GNH (Gross National Happiness) due to an excellent life-work balance.

Every year Mercedes-Benz select different destinations to stage the coming fashion shows in collaboration with IMG Fashion, “the world’s leading producer, marketer and partner to the international fashion community. Its various properties, consisting of industry fashion weeks, governing association partnerships, designer discovery platforms and consumer focused festivals, open the gateway to Style, Innovation and Trends.
IMG Fashion’s presence is felt in established and emerging fashion capitals across the globe including Berlin, Istanbul, London, Mumbai, Miami, Milan, Moscow, New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Zurich. With a focus on spotlighting these stylish destinations and its local talent, IMG Fashion aims to inspire, showcase and unite fashion’s key creators, communicators and consumers.”1photo_1436374238_931.jpg_43_0_1156.6_290.jpg

Since its nationality, it has been 18 years that Mercedes-Benz favors Berlin as fixed location and starting point for the fahion year.
Instanbul is also another destination: Turkey is a growing country and this event will increase the domestic awareness and the global presence of Turkey design, highlighting its culture and its sophisticated glamour.



Save the date for the upcoming Mercedes-Benz events:

The World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto, Canada (21st-25th March)
The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in Sidney, Australia (15th-21st May)



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