Happy New Year!!!!!

According to the Chinese calendar, on 8 February 2016 we stepped in the new Year of the Monkey which will last until January 27 (2017).
More precisely 2016 is the year of the fire monkey, indeed the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac are associated to one of the five elements each time their year comes: gold (metal), water, fire, earth or wood.

As China is one the biggest market for fashion and luxury goods, a lot of brands seized the chance to launch some items or capsule collections totally inspired by this unique new start.
Are you curious to see? I hope you are… so let’s start!!




Giorgio Armani has joined the celebration with an exclusive limited edition Year of the Monkey Face Palette for 2016.


Other brands instead have presented some accessories, always with a monkey as protagonist:

Vivienne Westwood for instance with this gold pendant with the Monkey King imprisoned in the Buddha’s palm.

Cute monkey key chains have been the choice of Prada.

Prada's CNY luggage tags suggest its targeting the travel-savvy Chinese shopper. (Courtesy Photo)






So has done Gucci with its key chain with glass pearls.


Speaking about accessories it’s impossible to avoid being captured by these amazing swiss watches by Jaquet Droz with a gold monkey in relief (left) and a hand-painted dial (right).


As you might know, red is the main colour that defines Chinese new year and the reason is simple: this is the traditional colour of luck together with gold.

Therefore Diane von Furstenberg has launched her capsule collection with the crossbody bag and a little monkey sparkling charm, totally in gold and red.

DVF CNY 2016



Personally, I loooove red… and I definately fell for with this pretty Fendi capsule collection for Chinese new year, and after seeing this short film starring the adorable Fendi Bag Bugs I’m sure you will too…


Last but not least and far from fashion, something really unique… to write a special card nothing better than this one-of-a-kind piece.


has made its debut in the new year with this amazing Limited Edition Monkey Fountain Pen.





This work of art only counts 512 pieces worldwide.
You might be asking why 512?

Well, because this is the number that comes to when 8 is multiplied for itself three times and in Chinese culture 8 symbolises luck and prosperity.

What is special about this fountain pen is the nib, made of 18 karat gold with the monkey and the year 2016 engraved on it, and the pen’s cap where you can find the last six monkey years and a hand-engraved fire monkey.

Hope you enjoy the post…!

Seems like there’s nothing left to say but…. Happy New Monkey Year!!!!!!!




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