Marni’s Collection 2016

Why not starting with “Think Different”, quoting Steve Job’s motto?

For the first time, Consuelo Castiglioni spring collection felt different not in the number of outfits but in the scale of clothes. Infact, she thought about a collection shaped on the body, highlighting physicality and big, fluid volumes.

Schermata 2016-02-16 alle 23.18.03Three words: Movement, architecture, fluidity. 
The interesting part of her collection was that Castiglioni focused on the way her clothes shaped the body moving around it.

MARNI is a brand with a woman-friendly reputation for color and print. It’s last collection had it all. With different shades of tobacco brown, green bottle and ocra yellow, MARNI’s Spring/Summer collection has shown to be amazing.

Schermata 2016-02-16 alle 23.18.38Long rigid camisole-like aprons and tunics are the Must Have of this season.

Layered pieces that look as if they prevented model’s catwalk, are opened in the back giving a softness image. The pattern built was created by adding and cutting one fabric over another. When a leaf motif appeared, it came first as a print and finally as an embroidered black cutout tunic over a cotton T-shirt dress.

Oh yes, it’s absolutely an inventive dressing casual look.

Check it out on:

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