Those who prefer the true fur and those who, instead, are seduced by democratic prices and  are “animal friendly“.  In any case the trend is clear. Designers and stylists bring in auge the furs that can be worn and  showed off  during winter 0r spring and also during summer and autumn, creating a mix and match look.

Schermata 2016-02-17 alle 22.04.26      BLOOD AND HONEY

If you usually give or receive presents like bargain bin flowers and cheap chocolates, you can ask the shop assistant at Fendi’s for an advice and get a better suggestion. To celebrate love and  Valentine’s day, Fendi has shot a new off-beat video showcasing their playful capsule collection. Featuring a whole lot of color, the capsule includes unique furry accessories with shaved mink, crystal eyes and fox details. So, if you’re feeling generous this month, you know what to do.

Schermata 2016-02-17 alle 22.22.15.pngFENDI


Moncler brand reacted to the new tendency, equipping the tennis shoes with a  distinctive hit of wintry texture by utilizing a rabbit-fur top.

Schermata 2016-02-17 alle 22.26.10.png


Therefore, the brands are competing hardly one against the other by creating  the most glamour fur creations . But also men like fur and not only women!  A new revival in the male fashion bringing back to the catwalk fur coat.

The fourrure is also part of the masculine wardrobe: namely  Versace,  Gucci and Marni have relaunched it We are assisting a more and more genderless fashion.

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Furthermore the production of male fur items are becoming more and more widespread as testified by “Business of Fashion” . According to the data furnished by the Fur Information Council of America, the sales  of male fur items have sensitively increased in the last years and  represent around 5% of the tied up world  total business .

In terms of accessories  we assist to a production of  fur items to be combined as charms  to pursues, gloves and hats: fur all over the seasons and everywhere! Let’s celebrate also this year the triumph of fur!









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