In the last twenty years, more and more Italian luxury companies have been investing on foundations, places where art and fashion meet.

Different companies have developed the concept in different ways.
In my opinion, the most interesting example of this combination is Fondazione Prada, founded in 1993 by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli and completely renewed less than a year ago.
How is Fondazione Prada different from the others?




First of all, it is not just a museum. It is a cultural institution where art is explored in all its different shapes: figurative arts, architecture, literature, cinema and even philosophy. These fields coexist in order to create something unexpected, something you will actually think about.

As well as a place where your mind can be nurtured, it is also one of the coolest spots in town (and we know we all care about that).
If you are keen on arts or you just feel like having a good-looking breakfast, Fondazione Prada is the place to be.




It is a living and livable village. Apart from a few permanent installations, exhibitions are constantly changing under the supervision of the Thought Council, a curatorial organization whose members come from different fields of both art and science.
Fondazione Prada is an open structure where ideas keep flowing in a free way.

Silvia Gramegna


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