When someone thinks about “tattoo” it can be related to transgression, rebellion or exhibitionism. Its origin actually is completely unlinked to these concepts. Tattoos were used by Amazonian’s Indian tribes as a symbol of culture, religion or to represent their social position in the community. Now it’s becoming a trend, especially for young people that used tattoos as an expression of their strong personalities. It is a sign that not only adorn bodies but speaks about our lives, our wishes, values and insecurities. The price that a tattooed person spends is not only related to money but also to the pain. Get tattoos means also suffering and this is the main aspect; immortalize on our body something, an experience or a period, that has marked our life forever.

Here are some of the Italian tattoo artists famous all over the world, considered gurus in the panorama of the country and of course ones of my favourites.

Marco Manzo is the pioneer of the ornamental style, tribal and 3D style. He has introduced the Tattoo in the conception of Contemporary Art since (Tattoo d’Haute Couture). Some of his works were exhibited in museums like Moma in New York, Gagosian Gallery and MAXXI in Rome.

Pietro Sedda has a very personal and particular style with influences of classical painting, surrealism and oriental painting. Its works are mainly men’s and women’s faces filled with geometric shapes or figures inspired by the sea.

Miss Arianna (Arianna Seth) one of the ten best-known tattoo artists in the world with “a line clean and clear”, as she defines her works. Miss Arianna is near the “old” style, so the traditional one. She is invited in different convention all over the world.


And the last but not the least is Amanda Toy. She has a very unconventional way of express her art. It is a sort of modern take on “old school”, using bright colours, mixed with a pop culture.

All of these personalities are very well known and people come from all over the world in their studios to let them tattoo on their skins. They have a huge waiting list and creation process is not so slow. Off course prices depend on the tattoo size and on the amount of work spent on it. Marco Manzo said that the time required to complete one of his tattoos on the back, depends on the pain threshold of his client, but can take from 35 to 100 hours.

The works of these artists are considered real and unique artwork created specifically for the body of their clients using the best instruments at the top of safety and hygiene.

I must mention also a new frontier of tattoo, invented by Nobuhiko Akatsuka in 2006, that is the “temporary tattoo”. They are made by gold and platinum and are very thin sheets of these precious metals at 99, 99%, and 24k gold. This invention, for someone, shouldn’t be related to tattoos. It’s a decoration that everyone can simply apply on its body and especially it is temporary.

“A tattoo is forever” and the Italian artists that I mentioned are some of the reasons why I consider tattoos as a form of art.

Having a tattoo done by these artists is truly a luxury!

Cover Picture: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/17/tattoo-history_n_4957215.html

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