In the Greek and Roman history the ability of riding horses was a sign of added value in the society. Decorating horses with precious rein and saddle was a kind of identity sign of richness and importance in terms of status.

After years and cultural changes “horses” have kept strong their relation with the luxury world becoming more and more a way of communicate the uniqueness of Luxury brands. Rolex, for istance, since 1957 has been involved in the sponsorship of the German equestrian event Chio di Aachen which started with the sponsorship of the cavalier Pat Smythe.
Gianpaolo Marini, CEO of Rolex Italia, explained in an interview how fundamental is to invest in a diversified communication in line with the uniqueness and with the exclusivity of the brand.  People want to be part of a timeless experience made up of the coexistence of more exclusive moments.

Keep communicating a coherent set of values throughout exclusive events which includes the combination of Luxury and Horses is more and more perceived as an exclusive shared experience.

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