Golden Drink in Golden Age


Beer is one of the most ancient beverages known to men. Tracing it back to the early Neolithic, it evolved along with the human civilizations. Known as the “Liquid Bread” it has always been considered a poor drink. Made of water, hop, yeast and an add of malt, wheat or corn to differentiate one style to another. But times are changing and beer is getting a total new reputation.


Nowadays beer has the floor. Just think about our daily routine: a lot more people are drinking beer as consuming their meals both in the week-end or during the week. Beer is so seen as wine has always been: a great beverage for a great meal and to spend some time with the people you care for. That’s why finding a beer list in a restaurant is really common. It could be incorporated in the wine list or it could be on its own.

A new Italian phenomenon is Microbrewery. We count around 500 microbrewers in Italy and we are at the third place in Europe. They are independently owned and produce a small amount of craft beer. Quality, flavors and brewing techniques are the key point for this beer experience. We can taste the most amazing flavor experiments on beer. Tea, coffee, fruit, cereals, chocolate, whisky, and so on.

One of the 2015 trend has been food and beer pairing as it has always been for wine. Every food has a particular beer to be paired with. Something really amazing happened: a strong bond between beer and chefs. Today beer plays a key role in the culinary world. Always more and more recipes are based on beer.

A new personality is requested in the beer field: the famous Bier Sommelier. As the typical sommelier knows everything about wine, taste, pairings, a good bier sommelier is able to help you finding the right beer for you.

Thanks to this new job position we are able to taste a new cocktail-era: the beer cocktail. There is a cooperation between bartender and bier sommelier to create brand new flavors and to fit every customer need.

Maybe this beer-based cocktails and the pairing trend are getting famous because of the healthy effects of beer as it could safeguard your heart, boost your immunity system, protect your bones, help your digestion, and more on. According to northern Europe studies a moderate amount of beer could be put aside with balanced meals for a healthy diet.

Another growing trend is home-made beer. It’s extremely easy to find a beer brewing kit online and in a few days the magic can start. A lot of people are trying to explore this sector and they are getting passionate about beer and the world behind this drink.

There are also beers that are supposed – as wine – to taste better if they carry the year. Vintage beer is a new trend that is taking over the market but it’s still a niche. It’s very particular and the flavor changes depending on the year of production and the right storage conditions of the bottle.

Even if beer is the new wine, it remains the best socializing drink.

“If you love food, but you only know wine, then you’re trying to write a symphony using only half the notes and half the orchestra”. – Oliver Garrett


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