Milan can be considered a landmark for quality and elegance. Through a meticolous research you can find lots of pieces in which style is timeless and the time doesn’t age but become vintage.

First of all, what does vintage mean? The term “vintage” was originally derived from the dating of a bottle of wine, where the vintage date, or the date the grapes were grown, gives some added information about the value of the wine. If the vintage year was a good one for grapes, it indicates that this wine is of high quality.

This history of the term helps in understanding important ideas about the use of the term “vintage.” Just as it is used to refer to the exact year a certain wine was produced, it should, when buying and selling goods, be used in accordance with a date, or some other time frame, in its general usage.

If an item is said to be vintage, then, it should, technically state the year, or the era, in which it was manufactured. Sometimes, this type of dating of a vintage item is implied, as in when a manufacturer produced something that is highly praised for only one season. In this instance, the date is often left off because, just like in wine production, when a highly favorable crop is produced, those in the know don’t need the date, but simply adding “vintage” to it signifies that it was from that one really great year. For many items, “vintage” used in this way refers to the year or era that the item first became popular.

There are lots of vintage shops in Milan but someone can be more interesting than others

Arabesque, Largo Augusto 10 (;

Cavalli e Nastri, via Brera, 2 / via Giangiacomo Mora, 12 (;

Gioielleria Vintage via Boccaccio, 14 (;

Franco Jacassi via G.Sacchi, 3 (;

In each of these you can find jewellery, watches, bags, dresses and also design things from Twenties and why not a bistrot, just to refresh yourself during the research.



There go the real noble families, that want to “make a deal” , thay can aspire to pay an item 10,000 euro when in fact it costs 30,000 euro.

Can vintage be considered luxury? Yes, vintage and luxury build up a permanent duo. They are not for everybody, but for those who wants to buy something different with a special history. Vintage means timeless and unique that don’t follow trends.


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