Barberino’s, a luxurious shave

How to be treated as Gentlemen in a town that is always running ?

In one of the most elegant street of Milan, Corso Magenta, you can have the memorable shave experience enjoying the beauty and the luxury value of private time. 

Barberino’s stops time and let you relive the refined atmosphere of a classic Italian Barber Shop.

The philosophy behind this classic boutique is to offer costumers a tailored service of understated luxury, rediscovering the gestures of the traditional men’s grooming experience.

Barberino 3 ( dettaglio trattamento).jpg

A sense of intimacy and peace welcomes the customers in Barberino’s world. Stepping in, everything diving you in a shaving  relaxing ritual and the focus will be only  the complete attention on your own experience.


Interior design expresses elegance and care.  Each elements of decor and the green tone of the boutique let you retrace to the feel of an ancient Italian Barber Shop of the early 20th century.

A unique characteristic are the armchairs handcrafted exclusively in Catania by Gioia, the most ancient barber-chairs workers active.


At last, why the name Barberino?  To discover the origins of this name we have to go back to 1910, when a young Italian gentleman, Giovanni Callegari, left Italy towards US. There he became a talented and famous barber, known as “Barberino”.

So, if you are looking for a timeless moment don’t hesitate to book your own luxurious shave.  it is the experience that every Man deserve!!!





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