• It starts with one line.

Slowly and precisely, a tiny shape appears.

It’s the perfect connection between one end to another.

Only by choosing the right proportion will you get the typical style.

Modernity, creation and dynamic can only be made by the designing hand.

To me, luxury is about uniqueness. If its about fashion, everything starts with an idea, a pen and some paper.

Since the age of social media and blogging, a new generation of illustrators was born. Traditionally, artwork was more or less just the substitute for photography. Photos, over time, are everywhere, regarding advertisement, newspaper or magazine editorials. But what happens, if these digital world becomes too much? What is uniqueness nowadays?

Fashion illustration is the revival of real time art: hand done and unique.

It’s haute couture in a visual creation, expressing lifestyle, fashionability and beauty simply on paper.

Of course you can copy an artefact, like media photos are being shared everyday. But what about the feeling to own something, which is made just once?

It’s like a tailored dress: Only you can have it, wear it, and enjoy the unique moment in it. But let’s not forget about living in the reality, appreciating the moment to get inspired, impressed or motivated by looking at some artwork, seeing the imagination of an individual and its life philosophy.

Art creates luxury for your soul.


Images by Dodo: http://www.dvsdodo.com


Get inspired:

Fashion Illustration Gallery in London. ( http://www.fashionillustrationgallery.com )

Jed Root’s Illustrators ( http://www.jedroot.com/illustrators )

Jeanette Getrost ( http://jeanettegetrost.com )

Megan Morrison ( http://travelwritedraw.blogspot.de )

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