Today, there are more travelers than ever before and airports can become a nightmare, even for the calmest of travelers. Why give up on comfort?
The world’s best airlines have designed luxury airport lounges for their premium passengers.
Take a relaxing bath and get a massage after sending your boss the weekly report. Peacefully enjoy a wine tasting while your tire-less kids are having fun in the playroom. These are possible… While you’re at the airport waiting for your connecting flight to any major city.
There are several ways to access the lounges: by purchasing an annual or lifetime membership (in Australia, Canada, US), with a frequent flyer card (mostly in Europe), or using credit cards that offer Premium Access such as American Express, Chase, Citi and Diners Club.
Relax before departure in an elegant and quiet place where you can find everything from private gourmet experiences, spa treatments, saunas, unlimited wifi, iPads, game rooms, a gym, a billiards table, cigar lounge and so much more. A private chaffeur will drive you to the aircraft in a Porsche.
Turning a business trip into a mini-vacation has never being that easy.
Here’s my top 10:

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