A magic collection, that wants to seduce women and keep divas dreaming. A unique capsule collection with a colourful mood and a play on materials. Lightness, softness and a strong connection with the history of the brand; Salvatore Ferragamo.

To celebrate its hundredth anniversary the Fashion House decided to give an exquisite gift to itself, introducing for the first time special shoes by a talented and young designer.

That’s the precious line by Edgardo Osorio, the founder of Aquazzura, a luxurious shoes brand born in 2011.

Striking the perfect balance between modern design and impeccable craftsmanship, Edgardo creates stylish yet wearable footwear for the modern woman.” These 12 pieces express in an elegant and vibrant explosion right these values.LSA92_Aquazzura

His love and his source of inspiration are very evident: European luxury tradition and in particular the Italian one; with its xOnPedder Edgardo Osorio_0meticulous attention to details, the best harmony between quality and design, and in conclusion the signature of the designer who sew shoes with his precious string made of artisanal passion.

A colourful shoes’ world full of style and heritage made for everyday life.


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