One of the two official annual sales periods in Italy starts right now. Have you saved some money?

If You believe in miracles, this is your moment.Cross your fingers and deep yourself into the crowd of those who love sales.

Sales usually last one month in our country, but the best selection is during the first days. If you have played your cards correctly, you have already been window shopping for your favorite brands in those exclusive boutiques in the Quadrialatero della Moda.

If, instead, you are skeptic, go for a walk in the heart of the city, have a look at the shop windows, sigh, and continue dreaming. In this case you won’t be disappointed.

Why? Luxury, the real one, from an astonishing Chanel pochette, to an unapproachable Monclet quilted jacket, to a Loubutin heel pair of shoes worn from international celebrities, will continue to be sold at their maximum price. Better giving up as soon as possible instead of fruitlessly deceive. French brands, owned by LVMH or Kering, most of the times don’t go on sale. It’s Louis Vuittons or Chanel policy. What they do is giving their attached clients a chance to seat at their fashion shows. Some would say that this is better than having a discount. What do you think ?

Unfortunately, the conception of item of clothing worn ONLY during winter season, and that for this reason should go on sale at the end of the season, doesn’t bear here.

Even though everyone criticize this, the right philosophy of the brand is testified from the long queues at the outside of the door shops. Who doesn’t do sale, usually, don’t need to, because during recession periods they continue selling and selling.

The interesting aspect of this, is that most of the times, the real occasions are found in multibrand shops, which sell luxury famous products. But be careful, because sometimes you really need an incredible sniff that helps you to distinguish products of this year from the ones of the past collections. Don’t forget to stop at your favorite local shops too, for their special promotional items. Wherever you go, however, examine the merchandise carefully. If it looks too good to be true, it might not be such a bargain.

Your next chance for renewing your summer wardrobe at great prices will be the first Saturday of July, so plan ahead.

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